Squad goals workshop

“The Science of Sustainable Synergy”

This workshop is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, team members, and aspiring leaders. Those who want to learn about principals within leading a team, honing their skills with developing and participating in a productive team culture, and establishing a new level of collaboration while serving the overall goal of the organization.

This workshop will equip people with tools for effective communication, leadership development, conflict management, self-awareness, ownership of your space on the team, and much more. The goal is to provide training in upgrading the quality of your team.

This local workshop will be held in Redding, CA on November 16th, 2018.

You Will Learn:

  • Effective communication

  • Leadership development

  • Conflict management

  • Self-awareness

  • Ownership of your space on a team




Mike Maeshiro

Mike Maeshiro is a Spirit Coach, Author, Speaker, Teacher and Entrepreneur. He lives in Redding, California where he teaches at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Mike is highly gifted in spiritual discernment, is passionate about healthy relationships, exceptional communication and helping people be their most honest, glorious selves. With his team of discerning tribesmen and a mustache that won't quit, Mike is intent on raising the Spiritual Intelligence of the planet. He is the author of "#themikeboard."




Friday, July 6tH

9am - Session 1

10:15AM - Session 2

11:30Am - Session 3

Lunch Break (1.25 hour)

1:45pm - Session 4

3pm - Session 5

4:15pm - Session 6

Dinner Break (1.5 hour)

6:45pm - Session 7

8pm - Session 8

Squad Goals Workshop
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-There will be no childcare provided, children will need to be looked after apart from the event. 

-All ticket sales are final, no refunds. 

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