Money On My Mind


Hello reader! My name is Joshua Griggs. I am the head of Social Media on Mike’s amazing team for the school year. One beautiful thing about working under Mike is that he never lets a conversation pass without drawing out the real you while in the midst. In only a month, Mike has changed my life, for the good, and forever. 

Day by day we are challenged by new truths that were never taught to us, as a group, and even believing the opposite. Everyday we are together, one of us has a beautiful breakdown in truth, breaking off lies and spirits that have been there for some time. And yesterday was my day.

Mike was talking to us about finances and what it actually looks like to be wealthy, not just rich but wealthy. Mike said something that made all of my insides shift into a place of defense, so I thought. He said “Your bank account is a reflection of your beliefs. NOT what kind of job you have or how hard you work.” For me, I grew up believing that if I work hard, I would get better jobs and more money, but never actually seeing those fruits as a result of my hard work. When he said this, something inside of me said “talk back, retaliate. He’s wrong.”

Fighting this truth for longer than 30 minutes, I finally breathed. Mike said something that has changed my life and helped me to consider. He said two things. The first, “I can only show you the door, Neo…” is from the Matrix movie, meaning that an opportunity can only be presented to you; you need to be the one to take it, I can not do it for you. And the second thing was a story. The story was about him going through this same thing, but opening his spirit up to a different source: truth. He considered.

Sitting there I realized, something had to change inside of me. I needed to change. I needed to consider. “I can only show you the door, Neo…”. Sometimes all we truly need is a direction in which to go. Mike showed me the door. Mike said “Here is truth. How far will you go?” So I stepped into the doorway. I considered “what if this is truth”. Everything inside of me stopped freaking out, because I finally let go of the spirit that has been ruining my life since I was a kid. I’m not fully out yet, but I choose to start walking through the door. I am believing that I will never live the rest of my life working for money.

mike maeshiro