Stop Listening!

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What a fascinating word. For most of my life, I had no idea that there is something beyond what our eyes can see. I knew about angels and demons but I never heard about spirits.

While spending time with Mike as my mentor in my 3rd year of Bethel School of Ministry, my awareness of the spirit world definitely expanded. It has been a fascinating journey, I’m adding a lot of different words to my vocabulary. A new world has been opened up to me since attending this school and especially whilst being under Mike’s leadership.

One of the patterns I noticed that happened and is still happening in my life is I would have thoughts in my mind that I had no understanding of what to do with them. I would run in circles around the same questions that I had no answers to, I couldn’t get out of the cycle of thoughts.

It is interesting to consider the possibility that not everything you think is coming from you. We are spiritual beings and we are gifted with the ability to understand our own spirits as well as others. To hear spirits talking to us is nothing more than agreeing with their proposals and ideas. Most of the time we don’t even hear their offerings in English (or our native tongue) because a lot of the times we have no idea it’s happening. 

I’ve noticed that I’ve paid too much attention to voices that weren’t God’s or mine. I’ve been influenced by thoughts whose only agenda was to confuse me and stop me from flourishing in life. I didn’t know any better because I had no idea that this was a reality happening around me and to me.

I found this to be a true reality because I couldn’t figure out why I thought some stuff that I didn’t actually want to think. Mike would sometimes tell me, “These are not your own thoughts.” I’ve always felt as if my mind was being abused by some weird energy I couldn’t control. I literally couldn’t wrap my head around why all of a sudden I felt drawn to think immoral thoughts despite my disgust. I believe that all of the negative manifestations of any kind start with a spiritual agreement that we made.

We listen to things that don’t help us. If we have no idea we can be influenced by other powers, the only one we can find to blame is ourselves. We believe that we are bad beings based on negative thoughts.

That is not true!

Yes, we can think negatively if we want to but I’m talking about the thoughts that are not the ones you want to think but are coming into your brain like thunderstorms and won’t let go; it’s the out-of-nowhere thoughts that are “happening to you,” that’s what their nature feels like. We feel out of control but, actually, we allowed these thoughts to come in and rule our minds. We listened to something that asks us for permission to play with our minds. The shame and guilt that comes afterward is not our own either. We don’t just say yes to the spirit's nature, we actually agree with any other possible purpose the spirit has.

All of this sounds scary…

But don’t worry! Evil doesn’t have power over us - only if we give it power.

We are more powerful than the negative influence we are under. Holy Spirit is our guide and He will help us get clarity. If you listen to Him and the truth over you, it will help you get out of the fog and see clearly. His voice feels right and true. He gives you peace and deep down in your being, you feel aligned and connected to what He has to say. It hits you in a way that won't confuse you.

You're not meant to be confused.

When you identify an evil Spirit you are already succeeding. 

The best and easiest way to not be affected by evil spirits is to recognize their nature and agenda and not listen. By disagreeing and despising the evil spirits, we don’t accept their fight for power. We ignore them and discard their existence. Intentional ignorance is protection in this scenario, because we don’t pay attention to what doesn’t deserve any.

Let us stop listening to what doesn’t deserve any voice and pay attention to the truth.

- Vera Danzeisen

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