It's Criminal To Be Boring

It is criminal to be boring. Why? Because boring is the dry rot of unbelief. Boredom sets in when the inner child is locked up in the dungeon of pseudo-adulthood. So many make up for their lack of maturity by imitating the values and behaviors of grown-ups. But there are real grown-ups who still hold the child's hand in their heart, you can recognize them because they sparkle. They shine. They're lively, enthusiastic and expressive. Why? Because they still believe in miracles. They still believe in possibility, they're still moved by wonder. Real adulthood is marked by the diligence and fervor that comes from having witnessed the possibility of one's dream coming true. Real adults are hopeful and anticipate the future. Pseudo-adults don't have the power that comes from having faith, so they cannot see the light. They worry and struggle, they brace themselves for the future and peddle away the present with distractions that help them forget the dread. It's time to grow up, to look yourself in the eyes and have the guts to believe in who you see. You'll know you've done this when you sparkle, when you laugh, when you can't wait to get up in the morning because you get to be YOU again! Your dreams are real, now grow up!