October 4-6th

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Miscommunication and misunderstanding keep us in the dark in some of our most important relationships, while the lack of pastors and mentors has left the layperson without guidance or direction on how to push past the tides of darkness in the pursuit of abundant life.

This is where you come in. It’s not enough to wait for the “leaders” to take action—it’s time we realize that WE are the leaders. If we don’t take out the trash from our own backyard, no one will.

Spiritual coaching is a practice of discerning the spirit, guiding the client and empowering them to say “yes” to Truth in ways they didn’t know how to on their own.

At the Numa Coaching Summit, you will be equipped to identify spiritual agreements, ask questions, learn the “man of understanding” principle, connect with other like-minded coaches and have the option of becoming Numa certified.

Whether it’s family relationships, working relationships or engagement in your community, the world needs people who are powerful. It needs people who aren’t afraid of the dark and know how to follow the spirit of Truth in love. Consider this a call—we need your voice and we need it trained. Are you ready to become powerful?

The Summit includes:

-Both required certification courses: “Coach’s Protocol” & “Spiritual Dynamics” ($497 + $497)

-Hotel room for two nights at the Gaia Hotel & Spa ($236)

-Lunch for Friday & Saturday ($40)

-Two Coaching Sessions with Certified Numa Coaches ($180)

-Certification Test ($50)

Numa Coaching Summit
1,397.00 1,800.00
Only 10 available
Let's go!

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