Welcome to the Discerning Spirits Course Test! Please fill out your name and email below and answer the questions below to the best of your ability. Feel free to have this be an open...screen test. You may answer the questions as you go through the course if you have access to the footage. You will need an 80% or higher to pass the test. Don't over think it, have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor! 

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Class 1: What is a Spirit?
What is the Greek word that the Bible uses for spirit?
What word is the supernatural gift of discernment?
What is the gift of discernment?
When we judge in our gift of discernment, we do not touch these three:
"People and their _____ _____ are not the same thing."
Class 2: Agreements
The only way evil spirits can release their nature into the world is through ______.
The source of our agreements is tied up in our ______.
To discern successfully we must ______ to the truth.
Class 3: Feelers and Feelings
TRUE OR FALSE: Our physical body can pick up spiritual influences.
Mike proposed that spiritual warfare can be as simple as:
When the day of evil comes, what are we to do?
Walking in nature helps clear our atmosphere because:
TRUE OR FALSE: People often think that we and God are two separate beings, or that we are just like best friends with Him, but really we are actually one with Him.
Class 4: Pathways and Knowledge
Only one person’s opinion matters in our beliefs about ourselves. Whose and why?
Listening to a lecture or a preach, we interpret what they say ______ ______ ______.
A lot of us are not looking for answers, solutions, strategy, tools, or connections, we’re looking for ______.
Knowledge is not information, it’s ______.
______ detaches you, not just from reality but from your own heart; that is the sting of make-believe.
Class 5: Opposing Evil
Evil is oppressive and destructive to those who ______ it.
If we try to manage other people’s perception of us, what are we engaging in?
What is the purpose of our gift?
What did Mike say he waits for before he speaks into someone’s life?
Class 6: Truth is a Person
What are some consequences of living in the light?
To abide in the truth, we have to let go of ______.
What determines whether something is good or bad?
What is true humility?