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My stomach stole my voice...

The diet of the average citizen in 2018 is a bleak landscape. With additives, deceptive marketing, chemicals, GMOs, and other monsters, many people are ingesting things that are harmful for their bodies and lacking in proper nutrition their bodies need to function optimally.

2017 was a nightmare for my voice. I wasn't able to speak for about a third of the year, that's 120 days, because of vocal complications that primarily stemmed from digestive issues.

Simple things that could have been remedied a lot easier and sooner grew to massive problems for me because I was ill-informed. If I was equipped with the knowledge and tools that I have now, things would not have gotten as bad as they did. 

I wrote this ebook to share a bit of that journey and provide legitimate, practical information and tools for people who either suffer from vocal problems or digestive issues. I hope this helps, I know it's helped me. :) 

Digestive Health ebook
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