numa familiarius retreat

Numa Familiarius Retreat
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Familiarius: /fa.mi.liˈaː.ris/ Latin for intimacy. A movement is underway.

There is a solid group of us in the church who long for more depth and authenticity to our Christian experience. At this retreat, a few of my leaders and I will spend 4 days with a small group of people who long for more in their personal walk of faith. We’ll share meals and play games. There will be teaching and heart connection, we’re going to get into it all.

This retreat is not for the faint of heart. If being uncomfortable or looking at scary parts of your heart does not sound like a worthy aim, this retreat is not for you. We are inviting those who are ready to take the plunge and face the cycles and patterns that have plagued them for years and want out. A door was provided, his name is Jesus. At this retreat we will be showing people exactly where that door has been hidden in their own hearts. Join us if you dare.

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