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so the thing is…

The things we’re dealing with are usually not the things we’re dealing with. Actions, choices and circumstances are all symptoms of what is really going on. The spiritual agreements we’ve made are where we are influenced to think from, feel from…even desire from.

As a spirit coach, it is your job to discern the patterns and agreements of people you’re working with, help them recognize these patterns and then practically empower them to make new agreements.

It probably sounds easier said than done. And that’s true. But it’s not hard if you know what to do. That’s where we come in.

For the first time ever, Mike Maeshiro is doing ongoing group spirit coaching, specifically for people who want to learn about Spirit Coaching. This group is for people who want to learn WHAT a Spirit Coach is and HOW we operate. If you like helping people live their best lives, be their true and honest selves and see the enemy lose his grip on people’s lives, this group coaching is for you.

We will meet online once a week. We will live-stream and you will be able to ask questions, have continuous access to watch the recordings of past sessions and hear other people’s questions answered as well. Mike will walk you through various aspects of Spirit Coaching and provide steps to take for the group to continue to grow in awareness, understanding, application and skill. The group support and encouragement has also proven to be immensely helpful for people developing competency in this arena.

A couple of disclaimers for this group:

*THIS IS NOT A CLASS. You will be expected to participate, passive observation won’t work here. Bring your curiosity and readiness to grow.

*THIS IS NOT TO BE ON MIKE’S COACHING TEAM. This group coaching is to resource and equip people to pursue this craft in their own way, in their own context, for their own purposes. While we at want to equip and empower people, we don’t have the bandwidth to take on more coaches at this time.

If you would like to apply to be in the first-ever online group Mike will personally be coaching (with guest coaching from his team from time-to-time,) fill out the application below. For those who qualify, we will email full details to you with cost and deadlines. (*Qualification will be based on relevance to the vision of the group, not necessarily on certification or experience.) We are so looking forward to working with you guys and helping further equip you to be dangerous in the cause of truth, love and freedom.

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