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Welcome to the hero's arc... 

Here at, we believe that every person is the hero of their own story. For our Christian followers—yes, Jesus is the real Hero. Always. But one of the challenging things about walking out a mature, powerful and faith-filled life with Jesus is accepting the beauty and responsibility of being the new creation He intended all along. 

Jesus is not trying to get past us, He's not trying to overcome us. A lot of Christians hold the belief that God is trying to move through them, "use" them even, in spite of them. We have found the opposite of that to be true. 

The Hero's Arc is designed to reconcile our conception of our own identity to the nature of God already flowing through us. If you've been born again, you're already equipped and empowered to be amazing! 

Why aren't we amazing then? Straight-up, simply put, it boils down to what we believe is true; true about us, true about God, and true about the world we live in and the people who inhabit it. 

The Hero's Arc is a 3-part journey where our coaches will explore:

1. The hero that you are. They will ask a lot of questions, discover the things you excel at, what you're gifted in, your talents, skills, victories, dreams. They will get a comprehensive view of the ways you have and are intended to win in this life and create a bio on what kind of hero you are. 

2. The villains in your story. Every hero has villains they must overcome. For superman, it's Lex Luthor and Kryptonite. For Batman, it's the Joker and smiling. In part 2, our coach will explore the villains in your life. They will help identify villains you didn't know about, clarify the obvious villains, and the weaknesses you carry in the fight against the oppressors in your story. 

3. The journey. Every hero has a journey they must go on. Life is an adventure to be lived and you have an assignment you're meant to carry out. After exploring the hero and the villains in your city, you will put together—with the help of your coach— a Plan of Action on how you're meant to move forward. This could look like a major direction shift or new habits that are essential to your real victory. The Holy Spirit gets very creative and strategic here. Your coach will provide insight and guidance on how to move forward to not only slay your demons but also take ground and occupy the land that belongs to you. 

It's time to release the hero inside of you, to believe in your ability to partner with what God had in mind when He placed you here. It's time to set the captives free, to oppose evil in the land and establish the kingdom you are of!

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