Discerning Spirits Community eCourse


It all started when...

In early 2017, we did a Discerning Spirits eCourse trial run and it was a blast. We had 166 registrants from all over the world take the course together. We were on a group platform, every person introduced themselves to the group, a new video was posted every week, homework was assigned and an online community formed. This was actually where the Discerning Spirits conference was birthed from.

This past year, I revamped the content, we reshot the course and this year, we’re running a more robust class with way more information. This will be a 9-week course you won’t want to miss!

Join us for the Discerning Spirits Community eCourse!

In this course, you will learn:

-what a spirit is.

-the two different forms of discernment in the Bible.

-different aspects of how the feeler gift operates.

-about the dynamic of light

-how structures are formed and built in the spirit realm

-how to identify, form and/or break spiritual agreements

-about the pathways of the spirit

-about spiritual doors, gates and windows 

-how to oppose evil in the spirit

and so much more! 

Registration closes February 2nd, 2018

Class begins February 5th, 2018