Discerning Spirits Course (Digital Product)

Discerning Spirits Course (Digital Product)


In this 7 session course, we will journey together through the beginner's lessons on discerning spirits. This course will answer:

-what is a spirit?

-what is discernment? 

-how does discernment function in everyday life?

-what is spiritual agreement and why does it matter?

-how do spirits operate in education, movies and relationships? 

And much more.

Through a series of exclusive video content, we will discover truths and secrets of how and why dysfunctional patterns are permitted to persist in our lives, why certain relationships bring life and others bondage, why we feel and think the way we do and what we can do about all of it. 

We'll explore the reality that truth is a Person; He's a Spirit and the life we're meant to experience is found in our surrender to His nature and influence.