November 15th - 17th, 2019

Redding, CA


There is a better way. Better than what you have been told. Better than what you have heard. Better than what you have ever believed possible.

Traditional employment is not it. Culture would tell us that its normal for us to sell the bulk of our time to another individual, that it’s responsible even. It was never a part of the original design. Being made in the image of the Creator of the Universe, you bear His likeness. Meaning, you are a creator, born to let the dreams inside of you shape the world around you.

Lack prevents us from stepping out from under tradition and into the dreams bursting from within. It tells us that there is not enough time or resources to do all that is in our hearts. When in reality, you have been given everything you need to find and create solutions to every problem that sets itself before you with joy.

The catch? You have to be brave. There is a rite of passage that every entrepreneur must weather to stand alongside the valiant few, who’ve laid down cultural norms to pursue something different. ENTERpreneurship is a three day workshop focused on the transition out of traditional employment into the world of entrepreneurship. We will unpack the heart and importance of entrepreneurship, guide you through the practicals, and focus on the habits, practices and beliefs necessary to let go of societal norms and step into the greatness you were made for.


VIP Price: $497 - 20 Seats

- VIP Dinner with Mike, Bekah and the Panel Speakers

- VIP Mixer

- Swag Bag

- Front Row Seats to the Conference

General Price: $275

- General Access

Early Bird Price: $195 (Only available till Friday 18, 2019)

- General Access

Registration for ENTERpreneurship will start at 8:30am on Friday. The conference will begin at 9:00am.


Special training

On Saturday, we have a special treat for this event.

Mike runs a business training and seminar system in Redding that many entrepreneurs take advantage of specifically for the product brokerage business Mike and Bekah are invested in. Your registration for ENTERpreneurship includes a ticket to this exclusive training as well! Mike and Bekah are excited to have you be part of the event where networking, marketing and follow up skills will be covered.