Numa School of Spiritual Intelligence

July 11-13, 2019


Ever feel like being a Christian limits your ability to be honest? 

Or maybe you always seem to know things about people you don’t want to know and don’t know how to talk about or process it?

Perhaps you often want to address the unspoken tension in a room or relationship but feel like you don’t know if you should or where to start?

If this sounds like you, you likely have an incredibly powerful spiritual gift but just need help learning how to use it.

So join us July 11-13 to get equipped to flourish and steward the gifts God has given you!

Want to know if this school is for you? 

Take the quiz below!

  • Do you feel emotions you have no reason feeling or walk into a space that shifts your mood immediately for no apparent reason?

  • Do you know when people are not telling the truth or have an ulterior motive but don’t know HOW you know, you just know?

  • Do you have a high value for honesty and accountability in relationships? Have you been told by your peers that you’re kind of intense or closed off?

  • When you watch movies, read books or listen to music, are you affected by things other people don’t seem to pick up but affect your ability to appreciate it?

  • Does your physical body react to spiritual atmospheres?

  • Are you ready to hack your own soul and understand why the world you live in affects you the way it does!?!

If you said "YES" to 2 or more of these questions,


It’s my firm belief that as we grow in competency and understanding of how the spiritual world actually works and how it influences our daily lives, we can rid the world of petty issues, oppressive, systemic problems in how all spheres of our society work and live our fullest and best lives everyday. For this to happen, it’s not a system issue, we must first address the individual; our beliefs, attitudes, knowledge base and understanding.

The School of Spiritual Intelligence is a jump start for people into a deeper understanding of how the real work actually works.

What You Will Learn From The School of Spiritual Intelligence

-The Reality Ladder (how the real world is laid out)

-How to track a spirit, from the initial introduction to the results it produces

-How to identify spiritual agreements

-How to disrupt an agreement or dislodge a spiritual influence once you’ve accepted it

-The map of the soul, its processes and participation in spiritual matters

-The spiritual mechanics of our experiences and choices

-The soul systems that help run our lives

-Body mapping, how our physical bodies interpret spiritual influences

-How to recognize and disagree with a spiritual influence in a given instance

-How believers and unbelievers engage in relationship and how we are to conduct ourselves

-How our spirit, soul and body interact, cooperate and affect each other


  • To recognize patterns of thoughts, beliefs and feelings powered by a spirit and get control over themselves again.

  • To know how to track spiritual influences and have tools to manage themselves accordingly

  • You will learn how to authentically connect in relationship with those you care about and influence

  • You will be able to enjoy groups of people again

  • You will be able to engage in intense situations and not come under the weight of it

  • You will be able to reverse engineer whatever offense comes up in your heart and connect to the truth

  • You will have a solid grip on how the world we live in actually works and a framework on how to understand the occurrences and sources of thing.

  • Your joy will increase, you will get to be a kid again!

  • Your hope will surge, you will have vision for the future again!

  • Your peace will increase, you won’t have to be moved by circumstances or other people’s opinions anymore.

  • Your awe of God will increase, your wonder will spark.

  • You’ll fall in love with Jesus all over again.

    Take back control of yourself and be dangerously equipped to help others by joining the Numa School of Spiritual Intelligence!

Numa School of Spiritual Intelligence
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