Raising the spiritual intelligence of the planet

It’s my firm belief that as we grow in competency and understanding of how the spiritual world actually works and how it influences our daily lives, we can rid the world of petty issues, oppressive, systemic problems in how all spheres of our society work and live our fullest and best lives everyday. For this to happen, it’s not a system issue, we must first address the individual; their beliefs, attitudes, knowledge base and understanding.

The School of Spiritual Intelligence is one of Mike and his team’s best attempt at jump starting people into a deeper understanding of how the real work actually works.

The school will cover:

-The Reality Ladder (how the real world is laid out)

-How to track a spirit, from the initial introduction to the results it produces

-How to identify spiritual agreements

-How to disrupt an agreement or dislodge a spiritual influence once you’ve accepted it

-The map of the soul, its processes and participation in spiritual matters