School of Spiritual Intelligence

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At the 2019 School of Spiritual Intelligence, Mike taught on the reality of the spirit world and how to participate effectively and intentionally. This teaching focuses on dispelling myths related to discernment, highlighting the importance of spiritual realities in our daily lives, and connecting authentically with everyone you care about and influence.

Spiritual Intelligence is not a fringe, accessory subject, despite the gift of discernment being often being misunderstood and ignored. Rather it is an essential ingredient to taking the kingdoms of this world. Mike takes his expertise in the subject and invites listeners into a transformational experience. Learn how to recognize and break up with evil in your own life, discover how body mapping is used to interpret spiritual influences and learn how to partner with truth and freedom as a lifestyle.

With a focus on developing your gift of discerning spirits, this teaching is designed to take your faith to the next level and unleash your superpower to help you and others get what Jesus paid for.


Your joy will increase, you will get to be a kid again!

Your peace will expand, circumstances and human opinion will not move you.

Your hope will surge, with vision as the byproduct.

Your awe of God will burst forth; new wonder will ignite within you.

You’ll fall in love with Jesus all over again.

Take back control of yourself and be dangerously equipped to help others by joining the School of Spiritual Intelligence!