STREAMING Discerning Spirits Conference 2017


Streaming the conference

The venue the Discerning Spirits Conference is happening at does not have strong enough wifi to support real-time live streaming of the event. The venue is located on the outskirts of Redding in a beautiful rural area and the fiber optics are not plentiful or strong enough to successfully stream. We are so sad about this!


For people in other time zones, this might actually be a blessing in disguise. Our plan now is to record the footage the same way we were going to live-stream it and post the session in the platform we were going to originally stream to so you, our "streaming" registrants, can now watch the recorded sessions, albeit an our or two after the session has occurred in real-time, in the same manner we were going to stream the event. 

SO, in short, we aren't STREAMING anymore, we will post RECORDINGS as soon as we're able to upload them to the platform. 

Some things you will need to watch the recordings: 

-A Facebook account


Please note, the recordings for this event will take place on a Facebook platform. You will receive an instructional email with details on how to gain access to the recordings of the conference after you have registered. Be sure the email address you use to register is the same email address you use for your Facebook account. 

*Pricing will go up July 17th, 2017. 

**The recordings will remain accessible until July 29th, 2017. (This is one week after the last session has been posted.) This is not meant to be available for a long period of time, we want you to ingest the information in a timely manner and put a sense of urgency on what is being released. There are not exceptions to this end date, please do not register if you are not able to watch the sessions within that time-frame. 

Discerning Spirits Conference 2017 Recordings
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