Carley Shimoda

Carley grew up with an idea of her identity but as she progressed on her journey went through a process of discovering who she really was. What wasn't real was based on different agreements she made throughout her life that created a fake identity. She has a desire for people to encounter their true selves.


Daniella Page

Daniella is a ministry leader at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. She interned for Mike Maeshiro and has worked with Mike for three years. She is trained in discernment, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and is a practised feeler.

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Marcus Yau

Marcus has always been drawn to the nature and motives of the people around him. Discernment is a key part of how he experiences the world and deeply loves his community. He believes that genuine community and whole-hearted, spirit-filled living is available to everyone. As a coach, his goal is to help others understand the dynamic of spirit world and recognize how they can best participate alongside Truth and Love.



Sherah has eight years of ministry school training and twenty years of ministry experience. She had two degrees in practical theology, is trained in dream interpretation, is a practiced feeler and operates in organizational structure. She has a logical and compassionate approach and is very effective at uncovering hidden emotions in people. She’s a joy to work with and firm hand in guiding her clients along the path to breakthrough.