"truth is a person" wristbands


Truth is a person...

Growing up in religion, I learned that truth was a set of rules, principles; it was law. It was rigid, formulaic and unbending. Truth was predictable, regulated and it didn't care about me.

I was wrong. 

I encountered Truth for the first time when I was 18 and He was the most beautiful person I had ever met. 

I discovered that truth is emotional. Truth has an agenda. The Truth is honest and vulnerable. Truth comes with a standard from an internal motivation. Truth is alive and He isn't regulated by our judgment. This is a scary idea for a lot of us, especially those who have a corner on the market of acceptable lifestyles and practices, because our predictable, moderated, standardized version of "truth" gives us "control." 

We have all been set free from requirements and obligations. We no longer need to perform to be accepted. The truth is for us, He is in love with us and when we know Him, we are free. 

These wristbands have the phrase "truth is a person" on them celebrating the fact that reality is not objective or cold but rather affectionate toward us. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life..." With these wristbands, we celebrate that we are not in a religious club but in relationship with the Guy who put all of this together and leads us into joyful freedom. Oh, and there's a mustache on the other side. 

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It costs the same to mail one of these wristbands as it does to mail a book!! Kind of crazy. So, to make this easier on our customers, we have created price points with shipping built-in so you don't have to pay for higher shipping prices if you order more than one wristband. 

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