Here are some testimonies from people who have been impacted by Mike's voice in their life. Feel free to submit a testimony at the bottom of this page and share with us how Mike has impacted you!


"We had a conversation about celebration being the opposite spirit of accusation - this is starting to be a game changer for me.
I'm catching accusatory thoughts more quickly and making choices to celebrate myself in these moments.
I've also been more aware of making some better decisions around money and it's been really freeing!
I'm finding that the more I'm really accepting people's generosity to me the more I'm receiving.
I've also had a great increase in coaching bookings since we chatted and have found that the revelations I have been receiving have been helpful for my clients in their journeys too!
Joy Barham; London, England


"I had coaching sessions with Mike through FaceTime. Mike always asked the right questions. The questions nobody dares to ask. The questions that led me to discover truth in every aspect of my life. After the sessions, I quit my job and doubled my income. My relationship with God and so many people got refreshed and restored...Now I wake up every morning with excitement, wonder, and hope. 
Mike carried so much fun that inspired me to celebrate life again, but he also created a safe environment in which I could be vulnerable and cry wholeheartedly. I'm not afraid of processing pain, and I'm not afraid of trusting God anymore. Now that I know the truth. I'm forever thankful for having Mike as my life coach!" 
-Ana Esperanza Lin
Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

"He has this look. This moment in which his face acknowledges the presence of something attached to my words that I'm unaware of. I've gotten this look a lot, and when it appears, I know my life is about to change again. Mike has this innate ability to discern truth and he has been careful and intentional to grow that natural gifting into a practical skill. The feedback I receive from him is both life-bringing and applicable in a very unique and powerful way. In one particular instance I was very frustrated with myself and everyone around me. I was explaining what I believed the reasons for my frustration were but I knew that I had hit some kind of wall I didn't know how to get through. I wasn't sure what the problem actually was let alone what I should do about it. He helped me see the frustration I was describing was due to the fact that I was trying to do everything on my own, even things God hadn't asked me to do. Shortly after this, I had an encounter with the Lord that allowed me to experience everything Mike had told me. His words released the grace over me to encounter God in a way that I previously closed my heart off to. I have had dozens of experiences similar to this in which I've greatly benefited from the insight and wisdom Mike had to offer in light of my circumstances."

-Mika M.

"I've known Mike for about 4 years and during that time I was developing my faith. Whenever I had questions or concerns I would bring them to Mike and he was always there to give me answers or ask me questions to allow me to answer it myself. Mike has been an amazing help and I can't imagine what my life would be like without him. Mike is truly a blessing to have in my life. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is having even the tiniest urge to seek council." 

-Garrett Adkins

"If you want to win at life, finding a mentor or a coach to champion you and help you find your blind spots is vital. I have experienced some of the wildest breakthroughs and revelations because of meeting with Mike Maeshiro. He is incredible and God moves through him so easily and tangibly. Find someone who can look at your life from a different perspective because for the most part, you only see what you want to see. Let someone in on your journey. It's one of the best things I have done in the past year."

-Caitlin Allen


"Mike has played an integral part in my pursuit of a healthy life. His insight and discernment have so graciously given me a fresh perspective on the areas of my life that are in need of attention. He does all of this with the utmost humility and is incredibly kind and gentle when confronting these issues. Mike, through his knowledge and wisdom, has unearthed my true identity and has brought my gifts and talents into the light. His guidance and coaching have truly changed my life for the better. I would HIGHLY recommend sitting down and giving him an opportunity to speak into your life."

- Micah P.

"Mike Maeshiro has been a great friend of mine for over 2 years. Countless times, his perspective and input into my life has been a great gift. He brings a new perspective along with challenging questions and tools that have helped me look at things in a way I never would have. I continually walk away feeling encouraged and challenged to go after greater freedom in living and thinking powerfully."

-Julie Pewitt

"God gives amazing gifts to people who can steward them well. Mike has one of the most amazing anointings I have seen, to feel what motivates people and what lies they are believing and to love them through these lies. By meeting with Mike, I am so aware of myself and what is going on in my heart that I can now feel when I am operating out of a lie!! This has ripple effects into every area of my life and I am truly a much better man for knowing him!!"

-Colton Whited


"It is a core conviction of mine that everyone needs a “Mike” in their life. They just do. I first met Mike in 2010 when we were roommates. His approach to life was something that enticed me every day as I was drawn in to how he saw the world. I came from a religious culture that exalted “form and face” above power and authenticity. I was experiencing the difference in my own life and the fruit of having those things, but I still lacked confidence in standing up for what I actually felt. Mike’s heart is noble and disarming. I realized that I was sacrificing a genuine connection for what I believed to be a godly response. I pretended like little things weren’t bothering me that really were, and Mike gave me permission to tell the truth about those things. Additionally, I had an issue venting to him about someone else rather than going to that person and explaining my offense. I don’t think there is anything wrong with venting to a good friend, except when the offended person never tells that offense to the one who committed the offense, and that is what I was doing. These small things turned out to be really big things that have transformed and revolutionized the way I communicate with my world around me to this day. I am eternally grateful for Mike’s presence in my life, and his friendship is a gift that consistently brings the true me out to shine and play in this beautiful life that I have been given. I genuinely believe that Mike’s agenda for me is to be the happiest and most fruitful person on the planet. Anyone who allows themselves to be brave enough to let Mike see inside their inner world WILL benefit from it."

-Caleb Payne

"I am a changed person because of one encounter with Mike Maeshiro. Since that first time sitting down with him, my life has shot off on a rocket trajectory, propelled in a direction and speed I had not thought possible for myself since I was a kid. Life has never been so sweet. The marvelous thing about it is that my circumstances haven’t really changed much (at least not at first), but my cognizance of who I really am is transformed to the point where the circumstances of life aren’t as important anymore. They are what they are, but I am who I am, and I love it! Now the world is changing around me because I am aware of the greatness that I can bring to it every day, simply by being fully me. Be encouraged to take the time to meet with Mike. Your life will forever be changed for the best."

- Andrew McQuillen