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"Mike has such a unique anointing to feel what motivates people and what lies they are believing, while also loving them despite what lies they are agreeing with. As a result of meeting with Mike, I am so aware of myself and what is going on in my heart that I can now feel when I am agreeing with a lie! This has ripple effects into every area of my life and I am truly a much better man from knowing him!”

— Colton Whited, Kansas city, missouri


“Mike has this innate ability to discern truth and he has been careful and intentional to grow that natural gifting into a practical skill. The feedback I receive from him is both life-giving and applicable in very unique and powerful ways. His words released the grace over me to encounter God in a way that I previously closed my heart off to.

— Mika PERRIN, Redding, California


“Mike has played an integral part in my pursuit of a healthy life. His insight has given me a fresh perspective on areas of my life that needed attention, and he’s done so with such humility and kindness. Through his knowledge he has unearthed my true identity and brought my gifts to the light. I highly recommend sitting down and giving him an opportunity to speak into your life.”

— Micah P., Redding, California


“I realized that I was sacrificing a genuine connection for what I believed to be a godly response. Mike gave me permission to tell the truth. I genuinely believe that Mike’s agenda for me is to be the happiest and most fruitful person on the planet. Anyone who is brave enough to let Mike see inside their inner world WILL benefit from it.”

— Caleb Payne, nashville, tennessee

“Since working with Mike I have been catching accusatory thoughts more quickly and making choices to celebrate myself in these moments. I’m making better decisions around money and it’s been incredibly freeing! I’ve also had a great increase in coaching bookings since, and the revelations I have been receiving have helped my clients in their journey too. Thank you!”

— Joy Barham, London, UK


“Over the past four years of developing my faith, Mike has asked me questions that allow me to answer for myself and make choices on my own. He has been an amazing help and I cannot imagine what my life would be life without him. I highly recommend his services to anyone who has even the finest urge to seek counsel.”

— Garrett Adkins, Redding, California


“Mike’s perspective and input in my life has been a great gift. He brings a new perspective along with challenging questions and tools that have helped me look at things in a way I never would have. I continually walk away feeling encouraged and challenged to go after greater freedom in living and thinking powerfully.”

— Julie Pewitt, redding, california


“Mike always asked the right questions—the ones nobody dares to ask. They led me to discover truth in every aspect of my life. After our sessions, I quit my job and doubled my income. My relationships are refreshed and restored and I wake up every morning with excitement, wonder and hope. Mike carries so much joy that inspires me to celebrate life again. I am not afraid of trusting God anymore. I’m forever thankful for having Mike as my life coach!”

— Ana Esperanza Lin, Buenos Aires, Argentina


“If you want to win at life, finding a mentor or a coach to champion you and help you find your blind spots is vital. I have experienced some of the wildest breakthroughs and revelations because of meeting with Mike Maeshiro. Find someone who can look at your life from a different perspective and cover your blind spots—it is one of the best things I’ve done this year.”

— Caitlin Allen, seattle, Washington


“With one encounter with Mike, my life has shot off on a rocket trajectory, propelled in a direction and speed I had not thought possible for myself since I was a kid. Though at first my circumstances did not change much, my cognizance of who I am has transformed. The world around me is changing because I am aware of the greatness that I can bring to it everyday.”

— Andrew McQuillen, washington, d.c.


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