Mike is highly intuitive. He can sense truth (or the absence of it) when people express themselves. He can also sense the presence of something that doesn't belong. Energy vibrates off of the frequency of our voices, and Mike can distinguish the nature of that energy. Through years of practice, he has paired his spiritual sensitivity with emotional intelligence, helping the average person discover the inner rumblings and understand why their lives have played out the way they have. He has trained up his team to coach according to spiritual vibrations and patterns. From being personally mentored by Mike and having active involvement in his world, the partner coaches carry his unique perspective and culture to agree with the Spirit of Truth in guiding people to the Truth that sets them free. (*Mike is not currently taking new clients. All clients will be scheduled with a partner coach.) 

"Everything comes from spirit. Every thought, every choice, every action is rooted in the spiritual realm. We pull on spiritual energy to get results in our lives. Without proper guidance, many of us pull on energy we have no business touching. When this happens, the results are confusion, chaos, and destruction. Trying to live a fulfilled life in deception is impossible. The problem isn't power, the problem is agreement. I help people break up with dysfunction and ignorance, guiding them to connection with the truth. Every person's journey is unique, but every inhibition is not. Challenges are not difficult to overcome, we just need understanding. It's our job to help you get it."

"We aid our clients in discovering blind spots they've never seen before and give them feedback most people in their environment don't have the guts to. We are uniquely skilled at specifically identifying lies people believe and exposing why the lie made sense in the first place. We spend time with our clients exposing destructive patterns and cycles, while equipping them to recognize threshold moments and capitalizing on those opportunities for sustained transformation."

Mike Maeshiro

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